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LOVE: The Ico Bottle Opener’s OTHR-worldly Form

Dear Ico Bottle Opener,

Want to get a drink sometime? Ever since we noticed you as one of OTHR’s many useful, beautiful, and uniquely designed collaborations with the most esteemed designers in the world… We’ve been obsessed. There’s just so much there to fall for! The transformative 3D printing technology leveraged by OTHR both liberates designers from traditional constraints (for added passion) and minimizes manufacturing’s environmental impact for a better world (so we know you’re sensitive too). We also noticed that you’re a collaboration with Brooklyn’s Fort Standard, so we’re both New Yorkers, and we love the way that contemporary American design studio’s attention to detail shapes your multi-faceted icosahedron form. Showcasing the potential of 3D-printed bronze, you couldn’t be made with a casting, so you haven’t broken the mold – You’ve transcended it.  That’s one of the most disruptive things we’ve ever heard, so we’d like to raise our glass to you. After you open our bottle, of course.