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LOVE: The Arrivals Make Outerwear Elemental

Dear The Arrivals,

Commitment has never been an easy thing for us. Why go all in when the fast fashion industry served up a parade of easy options? Then we met you and our outerwear game began to change. Your arsenal of cool-kid jackets were different from the rest – an outsider, co-founded by industry disruptors Jeff Johnson, an architect, and Kal Vepuri, an entrepreneur. We saw ourselves in you because your innovative designs introduced an element of function, whether in the form of all-season leather moto crafted of raw, unfinished lambskin or a laser-cut and heat-sealed poncho with ventilated mesh. But what truly makes you stand out from the “here today gone tomorrow crowd,” is that you’re doing things the new fashion way by selling direct to consumer, thereby cutting out the overhead and commissions of traditional retail, and keeping prices down without sacrificing quality. In other words, we want to zip things up, make this official, and be together for the long haul.