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LOVE: Tattly’s Ink-credible Mr. Robot Collaboration

Dear Tattly,

Your tattoos might not be permanent, but our love for your design-y elevation of the medium is long-lasting and here to stay. We know you’re not big on commitment, which is why it’s so much more special that we’ve been able to work together on so many stories. The Temporary Tattoo Parlor we created together for Have Fun STORY was a happening hit, and while it was sad to see it go, we knew you had something special in store for our next concept – And you really delivered. Making something special just for #DisruptSTORY? That was ink-credible, and Mr. Robot fans are loving the designs that draw from familiar iconography in the show. From a cryptic White Rose to a Coney Island ferris wheel, the designs are the perfect way to wear Mr. Robot fandom on your skin. We’re wearing them because we love the show, but also because they remind us of you, and all the magnificent memories we have together.