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LOVE: Stellarcleenz Uses Precious Metal in a way That’s Precious to Us

Dear Stellarcleenz,

You’re a wonderfully natural and chemical-free alternative to alcohol-based wipes and gels, so it’s no wonder we always want you with us. Your 99.99% pure silver plated fibers have a shine we can’t take our eyes off of, but you’re a whole lot more than a pretty face. The time-tested practice of using silver as an anti-microbial means we know we can trust you to gently clean our hands, surfaces, and devices.   When we’re with you, we can forget about corrosive chemicals, and also about fungi, viruses, and bacterias that cause odor. It lets us relax in the romance of the moment, and that really is stellar. We know this is a new relationship, but you’ve been lab-tested to last at 100% efficacy after 500+ washes, so we’re excited to stay together for a long (squeaky clean!) time. Thanks for making our every day shine a little brighter.