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LOVE: Ringly’s Striking Style and Subtle Connected Tech

Dear Ringly,

We were waiting for something like you. Something special that didn’t look like the rest of wearable technology, and that understood our priorities. By creating a striking collection of connected cocktail rings, you showed that you appreciate every part of us – from our sense of style, to our need to stay connected, to our desire to not be caught in a world of constant screens. When we tell you what’s important to us, which notifications to prioritize and which can wait for later, you show you care by listening carefully. Your notifications are subtle, a gentle vibration or a bright wink of light, like a secret we share. We’re so in love with the tourmalated quartz collaboration you created for #DisruptSTORY. We’re wild about the way you empower us to put away our phones when we want to be in the moment. Honestly, we’re ready to put a ring on it.