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"Love Project" Answers What is Love?

Love – what exactly is it? It’s a question with a million answers but one that continues to inspire a closer look by everyone from 40 Days of Dating creators’ Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman to Joe Plummer of Gotta Kid to Feed Productions and director of the “Love Project.”

Turning his lens on life’s most mystifying subject, the “Project” explores the what of love across demographics and generations – from elementary school and middle age to retirement. The answers captured – everything from spaghetti and Calvin and Hobbes to an enduring friendship – paint an authentic portrait of the emotion and why it is so central to all of us.

Whether you love love or are trying to figure out what it means, it’s an inspiring look at a subject that continues to affect us all so deeply.

Watch all three videos and fall in love at first sight:

Video One
Video Two
Video Three