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LOVE: Outlier’s Future-Thinking Fashion

Dear Outlier,

We first discovered you during 2012’s Project Pop Up STORY, when Mayor Bloomberg and the New York Economics Development Corporation enlisted us to lead a competition for boundary-pushing retail and tech start-ups. You stopped us in our tracks when you pushed the boundaries of fashion using a function-driven design process and advanced technically fabrics. Nearly five years later, we can affirm that your fashion-forward function-meets-techy threads makes you our Mr. Right (now and forever).

From brand next-door to our STORY doors, we’re thrilled to incorporate your performance-driven wearables into Love STORY. Better yet? We appreciate your honesty and commitment when it comes to making improvements on your ever-evolving designs and technology.

From Megafine 15.5 micron Merino socks designed for a toe-curling combination of comfort and durability, to your Ultrahigh Quadzip Backpack made from seemingly supernaturally stable (and nearly zero-stretch) Dyneema Composite, to your 21st-century takes on jeans and chinos – it seems like you can coast into the future of fashion without even touching the handlebars… but that’s just because you make it look easy. We know that every stitch and detail of your work is carefully considered until each final product achieves the pinnacle of quality, and that’s what makes this a match that will go the distance (in any STORY).