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Leeloo’s Soaps Deliver Superb Suds

Dear Leeloo’s Soaps,

Our heart has been bubbling over with joy since we first met, and now we have to come clean: We’re swooning over your suds. It’s no surprise that we had to team up to clean up for a special #RememberWhenSTORY collaboration in celebration of Nickelodeon Animation’s 25th Birthday and all things ’90s. Your small-batch tributes to our favorite Nickelodeon pals – Chuckie’s “Messy Hair, Don’t Care,” Rocko’s “Wallaby Wash,” Arnold’s “Football Head,” and Gary’s “Gary Takes a Bath” – are nothing short of skin-sational. With your combined essential oils, shea butter, kaolin clay, and creativity, we can’t wait to wipe off our city grime with your “Bath Time Slime.” Make no mistake, with your soaps, we’ll even remember to wash behind the ears.