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LOVE: Finell’s Fresh Angle on Geometric Luxury Handbags

Dear Finell,

Ever since Style.Tech, we knew we had something special on our arms: Your progressively-designed handbags. As unique and refined as we are, your Iso and Versus styles redefine modern design, inspiring us with their origami-inspired forms and luxury materials. You folded right in to #DisruptSTORY, and that’s no surprise, because your striking aesthetic hits the fashion-forward with the precision of Cupid’s arrow – Catching those who love creativity (like we do) right where it counts. Now that we’re together again, telling a story about disrupting convention to transcend trend, we want you to know that you’re so much more than arm candy to us. Sure, we want to show you off, but it’s not just your premium leather outside that matters. We love your microfiber inside too, and the Neo Luxe design philosophy that makes you uniquely you.