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Caboodles Makes the Case for Cosmetic Organization

Dear Caboodles,

We’re so happy you opened up to us! With an auto-open tray, mirrored flip lid, compartments galore, and a vibrant throwback colorway, your On The Go Girl cosmetics organization case is the whole kit and… Oh snap! We just got it.

You’ve been making the case for function, fashion, durability, and affordability since 1987 – proving to everyone that you’re so much more than a basic box. If we’re going out (or just trying to look fly) we know you’re on the case when it comes to empowering women and girls of all ages to focus on being fab instead of rummaging through their cosmetics.

In our case, we’re always on the go, and that means you’re our go-to. Thanks for being there for #RememberWhenSTORY, it makes us blush (and helps us apply it!).


p.s. We can’t wait to fill you up with our new faves from Urban Decay!