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LOVE: Allbirds is a Feel-Good Fit

Dear Allbirds,

When we first encountered your founders, Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger, we knew our story with you would be a natural fit for our throwback to Feel Good STORY – the 2016 concept that was all about discovering everyday ways to feel our best. Your footwear harnesses the incredible versatility of New Zealand merino wool,  stepping up comfort and style wherever we go. To boot?  Your fine craftsmanship and use of all-natural materials is good for the soul sole. So naturally, when it came time to recreating elements of a STORY that felt oh-so-good, you were a shoe-in. Lightweight, breathable, and so soft we can comfortably wear them sock-less, your Merino Wool Runners are the shoes that make us feel totally at home, no matter where we roam.

We did a double-take when you casually dropped the detail that superfine merino wool has fibers 20% the diameter of a human hair, so unlike the wool we’ve gotten used to, it regulates temperature and moisture without an inkling of itching! If it’s not too forward to say, we think that’s hot… and cool. Odor-minimizing, machine-washable, and made with a low carbon footprint, your shoes were a natural fit for Love STORY. They are so spectacular to our fashion, our feet, and our planet – we knew that meeting you was just the first (comfy) step in a long-running relationship!


p.s. Every pair of Allbirds purchased at STORY comes with a bonus pair of red laces,  so you can share the LOVE with every step.