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[Look] A Tour of the Highline with the iPhone’s Ultimate Accessory

Dreaming of @Drawberston-level Instagram fame? Sometimes just putting yourself out there isn’t enough, and your iPhone’s native lens lacks the versatility to let you truly #FollowYourArt. That’s where iZZi Gadgets’ iZZi Slim iPhone 6 Case comes in. Outfitted with four interchangeable professional grade lenses, it instantly turns your smartphone into a hot shot. See also: gain followers. Check out how it took our tour of Chelsea’s iconic Highline from standard to sensational.

Staying on the path makes it tough to get the foliage photo you’re shooting for. The iZZi Slim’s 2X zoom gets you in on the action without losing resolution.

Love #StreetArt, but feel like you’re not getting the full picture? The iZZi Slim’s wide-angle lens gets perfect panoramas both urban and natural.

Pics not quite popping? The iZZi Slim’s Fish-Eye lens will stop your followers dead on their feed with its fun finesse.

This cucumber-lime pop with chili salt is so close you can almost taste it… but not see it. Unless you use one of the iZZi Slim’s two levels of Macro lens, that is. Yum!

Ready to take your own tour? Exclusive @Drawbertson iZZi Slim cases can only be found at STORY.

STORY by Max Bruno