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Long STORY Short: Look/See Eyewear

Your limited-edition Jordan’s stand out, so why shouldn’t your sunglasses have a point of view? Meet: Kyle Yamaguchi. His STORY begins with a pretty good gig: designing special-edition sneakers for Nike (including the pair of Marty McFly Nikes in-STORY.) When he marries an optician, he sees a chance to bring his background telling stories in-sneaker to the eye-wear world. The result: Look/See, a line of shades that express Kyle’s his passion for narrative design from a fresh viewpoint – whether a take on street art or 80’s action figures  (seen through his collab with Hasbro and G.I. Joe.) Want to know this sneaker head’s most treasured possession…read on. 

What is your most treasured possession?  Limited Edition Nike Zoom Kobe IV’s made exclusively for my wedding…that or my wedding ring!

What is the best thing your dad taught you?  Do what you say, say what you mean.

With what historical figure do you most relate, why? He may not be a “historical figure”, but my favorite athlete growing up was French soccer player, Eric Cantona. Growing up, I was obsessed with this guy. He an amazing soccer player and played with an incredible level of passion, intelligence, and charisma. In just about every aspect of my life, I hope to be as passionate, dedicated, and straight up B.A. as Eric Cantona was on the soccer pitch!

Cocktail of choice? Old Fashioned

Your signature grooming tip?  Simple. Just be yourself.

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