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Long STORY Short: Illy Coffee

Who: Illy Coffee

What: Unique and unmistakable, Italian maker, Illy crafts espresso of the highest order for coffee-lovers around the world. Defined by its balanced full-bodied taste, distinct aroma, and unmatched consistency, each cup is designed to be a sensory experience that brings to life the brand’s artistic approach and passion for coffee craft.

Why: On the long list of things that go into every STORY: collaboration and a lot of coffee. And thanks to the makers at Illy, DESIGN definitely took on its own buzz. If you haven’t yet, stop in (very soon, DESIGN closes Sunday) to explore the unique intersection of good taste and better beans with a complimentary tasting. It’s our favorite way to “espresso yourself” – whether you play it straight or take the milky way.


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