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Living Loud With Audio Pro

Dear Audio Pro,

You may be new to our STORY, but having you Home for the Holidays is a “major” development. Though you’ve provided Swedish HiFi since 1978, your new Addon T3 is a game changer. The perfect speaker to take along for the ride when you need great sound in the garden, balcony, picnic, park, or a friend’s apartment, you boast simple operation, elegant portability, and sound characteristics that are sure to surprise the most inveterate HiFi enthusiasts. A few of our favorite stats?

  • You’re wireless: Addon wireless speakers use the latest Bluetooth 4.0 standard for best sound quality and transmission.
  • You’re #winning at battery life: The Audio Pro T3 battery lasts a full 30 hours at half volume. And 12 hours at maximum volume (!!!)
  • You connect to everything: Besides playing music wirelessly with Bluetooth, there is an additional audio input to connect other audio sources with a cable.
  • You boast powerful sound: With a total of 25W and advanced DSP, you deliver a purely amazing sound from such a small speaker.
  • You’re charged up: Because the T3 has such great battery power, you can charge our smartphone by connecting it to the USB power supply port!

Keep it trill, Audio Pro. No doubt, when you’re not the life of our party, it can only lead to treble.