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Live Your Best (Work) Life: Arianna Huffington’s Tools For Self-Care

Working from 9 to 5–– alright, 8 to 7–– can get crazy. Thankfully, companies like Thrive Global, founded by the one and only Arianna Huffington, have curated products that emphasize the importance of self-care. After all, everyone can hustle a little bit harder when they’re kind to their body.

Light Up Your Life

Good Day Light Bulb

Let’s be honest. There are some days when we don’t spend much time outside. As a result, our mood can take a major hit. Thankfully, Lightning Science has developed a lightbulb that can give you more energy and promote alertness. Its blue-enhanced spectrum will boost your mood, and help reduce symptoms of people suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder and Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder.

Redefine Success

The Sleep Revolution

Want to learn the secret to success? Hint: it’s not working all night. In this book, Arianna Huffington dives into the importance that quality zzzs play in our life. Turns out, we’ve lit the candle at both ends–– and if we don’t get more rest, we’ll get burned.

Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights

The Goodnight Co Mask

Treat yourself like royalty with this luxurious sleep mask. It’s made of 100% mulberry silk, which can reduce fine lines like nobody’s business. Who knows, you might be so rested that you’ll skip your morning coffee! (But who are we kidding.)

Manage your Mood


Sometimes you just need a reminder to take a breather. Pip is here to do exactly that. The monitor uses the pores on your fingertips to track your body’s changing stress levels, then uses audio and visuals to create a relaxation session that’s catered to you. Namaste.

Make the World Your Nap Pod

Aros Hoodie

Fall asleep absolutely anywhere with this comfortable hoodie. How? Use the removable, inflatable pillow that comes inside every Aros hood. Boom! Instant pillow, wherever you go. Pair that with the hoodie’s uber soft modal bouclé fabric, and you’ll be in nap heaven in no time.