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Learn to Pair Craft Beer with Ice Cream

Craft beer and ice cream….Our first thought: yes. Second thought: why haven’t we tried this before? Cue Stef Ferrari, founder of craft ice-cream upstart Hay Rosie. As a certified Cicero (that’s professional speak for beer specialist) turned small-batch ice cream maker, Stef knows her way around the brewery and the creamery. In fact, it was after working for a craft brewery in San Francisco that Stef decided to open a ice cream parlor with a similar mentality: everything is scratch made, bases and toppings included. Next Monday, June 23 Stef joins us for a refresher course in beer and ice cream pairing. Ahead, Stef’s favorite way to cool off…

What’s the coolest thing about Hay Rosie!

Our ice creams are all freshly made, locally sourced, and hand-crafted entirely from scratch. Purely for your enjoyment.

In high school, Hay Rosie would have been awarded class superlative for…

Most irresistible!

Favorite way to cool off?

A massively strong cold brewed coffee with a scoop of ice cream floating atop.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve discovered lately?, an online farmer’s market with an amazing selection of carefully curated grocery items all delivered for free.

Join Stef Monday June 23, 6-8pm and learn to pair craft beer with ice cream. RSVP to