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LE BEANOCK’s Founder Talks Creating Space to Chill

Stress happens. What if you had a place in your home where you could just get away from it all – even just for ten minutes? The LE BEANOCK, a hangout hybrid of a beanbag and hammock defines bringing the good vibes, providing a comfortable, womb-like environment to hit reset. Here, it’s creator shares why she set out to make the ultimate spot to just chill.

LE BEANOCK is such a unique concept, what inspired it?

I welded a fireman’s pole from the top of our house to the ground floor and my children were quite young, so I thought a huge beanbag would be the ideal place for them to land, it was 6ft x 6ft x 3ft high, great for the kids and our 2 black Labradors were on it all the time we were out, the dog hair drove me mad, I looked to ceiling and we had no light fittings, so, as you do, I decided to hang it from the ceiling when it wasn’t in use, looked like a beanbag hung like a hammock.

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How would you describe the LE BEANOCK experience?

I would describe it as almost womb like, it’s the only thing I’ve ever sat in that’s immediately comfortable as it cradles you in a way that nothing else does, no hard edges, nothing to spoil that feeling of being hugged in a BIG WAY.  LE BEANOCK soothes away all those aches and pains from the day literally and laterally.

Where is the right place for a LE BEANOCK?

LE BEANOCK can be hung inside or outside in any space, large or small, it can be adjusted to suit any space, again as there are no hard edges, it can be filled with more beans or less to suit the space available, and hung portrait or landscape, again depending on the space, the chains can be hung from different height ceilings, porches or garden buildings,  its so adaptable and versatile. I’ve been told it’s a great ‘gaming chair’ too!

What went into designing/creating the LE BEANOCK?

A lot of thinking went on regarding the design, so it would be strong enough, hence the 4 anchor points to distribute the weight of the ‘Beanockers’ lounging inside.  The patches on the corners also had to be strong enough and there are as few seams as possible, again for strength. LE BEANOCK was first created using rope, but it wasn’t a sensible choice to sell commercially as most folk can’t ‘do knots’ so the next best idea, which could be shortened and lengthened easily, was chain, but some customers do use rope.

What’s a piece of advice or some words of wisdom you could share with our followers? 

Take time (and create a special place) to hang out, on your own, with your loved one or with your children. Rest and read, and meditate. At LE BEANOCK we believe in making space for relaxation – we would less stressed out ‘ human beans’ if we did.