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Make a Date: It's the Last Week of LOVE STORY

It was so good while it lasted, but we both know this wasn’t meant for forever. So LOVE, after a 40-day fling, it’s about time to go our separate ways. You’re not ready? You need more time together? Since we love you, we’ll give it a week.

That means you have until Sunday to experience our LOVE STORY – from first dates with inspiring online start-ups like The Sill to long distance affairs with Richart Chocolates. It means inspiring encounters with NY artist Curtis Kulig and scripted brushes with the creators of 40 Days of Dating, designers Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh. And it means this is your last chance to pick up lines like Bread and Boxers and Only Hearts lingerie.

Whether its your first time or you’ve been in before, don’t let this LOVE pass you by.