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[KNOW] What’s Up with WattzUP Power’s Stand-out Smartphone Chargers

Fun meets functional when it comes to WattzUP Power, a brand that makes unforgettable phone chargers to keep your battery life and fun levels both at 100%. Check out our chat with the people behind these chargers. They’re just as fun to talk to as their product is to use.

Does WattzUp Power have a personality, as a company?
We’re pretty much the internet IRL. Office vibes are always filled with memes, weird internet videos, and trending topics.

Looking at your product, that makes total sense.
It comes out of our philosophy: Do you because no one is going to do it for you!

Your chargers are definitely made in a “do you” style.
When people buy a charger from WattzUp Power they’re making the decision to stand out from the crowd of boring shaped chargers. They’d rather have a charger to resonates with what they think is cool or interesting.

Like the eggplant?
Sometimes people don’t understand why we made an eggplant shaped charger. We get a chuckle every time we have to explain the concept.

I think I’ll let them figure it out themselves. It seems like you’re really having fun doing what you do.
When you have fun doing what you do, everything else will follow. Many people do things for different reasons such as money or fame. We believe when you’re having fun you’ll be able to provide the best product, service, or experience.

And you must be having fun, because your product is definitely one of the best. Do you have any parting words of wisdom or advice for our followers?
It’s important to have a true and authentic voice. You can only achieve that by being yourself.