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[KNOW] These Mirror Masks Reflect Our Emoji Obsession

Designers Chen Chen and Kai Williams‘s new Mirror Masks for Areaware are clearly a reflection of our emoji obsession. Originally conceived as more elaborate, almost tribal designs, the designers ultimately opted to shift towards a concept that played with feelings through the use of an instantly recognizable face. To visualize this direction, Areaware’s team collaborated with up-and-coming Brooklyn artist Carson Fisk-Vittori who took the mirrors to Mexico City and shot photographs in various settings. Ahead, Areaware shares the inside STORY behind this emojional colThat’s fascinating. Is there a guiding philosophy at Areaware the leads to projects like this?
We believe that appreciation for beauty is central to what it means to be alive and we want to embody this principle in even the simplest things.

How do the Mirror Masks fit into that vision?
The Mirror Masks are all about expression. This product captures a broad range of emotion and reflects it back in a humorous way. It reminds the viewer to stop taking themselves so seriously.

So it’s not too serious. There is an element of fun in all that design.
We love to have fun, it’s important and part of our core ideals. We like to think of Areaware as a brand that takes serious design ideas and makes them approachable for everyone.

A lot of inspiration comes out of Areaware. Have you been having fun since the beginning? How did you start?
Areaware was started by Noel Wiggins and Lisa Yashon in 2004. The two founded Harmony Ball years before, and Areaware was a growth naturally from that business. Harmony Ball Co. produced a round musical pendant necklace that was iconic throughout the 90’s—later this year Areaware will be re-introducing the Harmony Ball, going full circle back to our origins.

There’s something beautiful in that, just like the things you create. Do you have any parting advice or words of wisdom for our followers?
Ask questions, make mistakes, solve problems, and keep moving forward.