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[KNOW] The Prints and Positivity that are Terez’ Trademark

Our current Story is fun, and part of that picture is expressing yourself out loud. This is where Terez steps in, stepping up our wearable statements with unmistakable emoji patterns. Check out our chat with the delightful designers that are helping you wear you!

What would you say is Terez’ personality?
Fun, Loving, Colorful, and Positive!

That’s perfect for Have Fun STORY. Do you have a “Fun Fact” about Terez to share?
All of our prints are photo-real, all designed and made here in New York City!

Is having fun important to Terez?
Very important! At Terez, we have a lot of fun and we like to share that philosophy with the women who wear our brand.

What would you say those women are expressing when they wear Terez?
Their creativity, youthfulness, and wildest imaginations.

Can you give us some backstory on Terez?
Terez was founded by two childhood best friends on the basis of love, freedom of expression, female empowerment, inclusivity, and positivity.

It’s a basis that has taken you far. Do you have any parting advice or words of wisdom for our followers?
Keep an open mind, don’t listen to the background noise, focus on the end goal, and remember, no dream is impossible to achieve.