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[KNOW] The Game-Changing Chatlight that Elevates Video Chat Visuals

If you’re fed up with Skype calls cast in the dreary light of a laptop screen, Chatlight is the innovation you’ve been hoping would arrive. We got the backstory behind this better-lighting brand that’s making every chat a little more flattering (and fun).

Our current Story has a lot to do with personality and self-expression. What’s Chatlight’s personality?
Our brand is all about bringing light and illuminating people’s video chat experience so that we all look our best! Chatlight is about bringing out the best in our customers. We are fun, light, and interested in helping others.

I’m glad you brought up fun, because that’s what our story is about. What’s a “fun fact” about Chatlight?
Chatlight was developed by an actual fashion photographer whose entire career has revolved around lighting. Henry Geddes’ first company was called Splashlight, and in that tradition, this product is called Chatlight. He keeps the word light in everything he does because photography is all about lighting.

Thanks for bringing that to light (sorry, couldn’t resist)! I heard Chatlight has a fun backstory.
Chatlight‘s backstory is super fun. What happens when a photographer from South Africa suddenly realizes that there is technology on his computer that allows him to chat face to face with friends and family from around the world? It’s like Science Fiction had become real. However, the way people looked online was disappointing from the point of view of a photographer. The solution was to get better lighting. In 2004, when Skype was launched, Henry immediately set out to solve this problem with a very simple solution: improve the lighting like you would in a photograph and get a better visual effect and experience.

I bet customers get a kick out of that.
Everyone has the desire to present themselves in their best light. We all like to look better. At Chatlight, our intention is helping people look their best online.

So looking your best is important to Chatlight. What about having fun?
Yes! Chatlight is a fun product that makes users feel better about their online appearance. It’s truly a feel-good, look-your-best product. Who doesn’t smile bigger when looking their best?

I know I do. Do you have any parting advice or words of wisdom for our followers?
Regardless of how you look, where you come from, or your body type, own it and be confident in your individuality. There is only one of you; let that person shine through. In a way, Chatlight feels that we are a part of making you feel good about yourself.