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[KNOW] Tattly’s Incredible Ink is Cool without Commitment

When it comes to tattoos, the choice is too often between poorly designed temporaries and the expensive, painful, permanent real thing. Tattly is the solution to this situation, bringing an expanding library of independent-artist-sourced design-y temporary tattoos that look great until you want them gone. Sound fun? Don’t miss the Tattly Temporary Tattoo parlor at our store.

Our Story is all about fun right now. What’s a “Fun Fact” about Tattly?
Over the years we’ve created over 200 Tattly Hacks! You can check them all out on our blog.

Do you consider it important to have fun?
It is incredibly important to have fun! To be able to laugh at least once a day is an absolutely joy, and that’s something we hope we’re able to be a part of and encourage!

Can you give us some backstory on Tattly?
Tattly was established in July 2011 after Brooklyn-based Tina Roth Eisenberg, a.k.a. Swiss Miss, grew tired of putting badly designed temporary tattoos on her daughter Ella. With her design background and network of talented professional artists, Tattly’s production began.

Is there an underlying philosophy behind what you do?
It’s only temporary!

It’s such a cool concept. Do you have any parting words of wisdom or advice for our followers?
Let’s leave them with a quote from our founder: “I have this personal rule that when I catch myself complaining about something over and over, I need to either do something about it or let it go.” -Tina Roth Eisenberg, Tattly Founder.