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[KNOW] Spruce & Co.’s Simple Solution to Dirty Devices

Founded by two Harvard Business School friends, Spruce & Co. was inspired by the smudged tablets in one founder’s classroom and germy tech in the other’s office. If you use hand sanitizer or other harsh chemicals to clean (and possibly ruin) your devices, Jill Applebaum and Jillian Ressler have the convenient cleaning wipes you’ve been looking for. We sat down with these two to discuss the background of their #PitchNight pick.

Our current Story has a lot to do with personality and self-expression. What’s Spruce & Co.’s personality?
Spruce & Co’s personality is stylish, fresh, and creative! We want our Sprucies to help make your day a little bit brighter (in addition to your devices).

So it’s bright days ahead for customers who use Spruce & Co.
Our customers want to give some extra TLC to their beloved devices. People also choose Sprucies because they value plant-based ingredients, products made in the USA, and a bit of personality!

Personality is a big part of our current story, and so is fun! What’s a “fun fact” about Spruce & Co.?
Spruce & Co is founded by two women who are conveniently both named Jill, and we often get confused for sisters.

Is having fun important to you?
We are serious about quality products, but encourage a sense of fun. We do our best to not take ourselves too seriously – at Spruce & Co HQ we’re constantly blasting the Hamilton soundtrack, making Snapchats of our entrepreneurial adventures, and brainstorming ideas for our next product launch.

Sounds like a fun work environment. Is there an underlying philosophy behind Spruce & Co.?
Spruce & Co believes that all selfies look better on a #cleanscreen, and you don’t have to be a germaphobe like us to want a little #sprucingup!

I’d regram that. Do you have any parting advice or words of wisdom for our followers?
We are big believers in practice makes perfect. If there’s a new story you want to tell, or pitch you want to make: start with your friends, ask for feedback, and as you practice you will become more confident along the way.