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[KNOW] On-Point PINTRILL and What Makes them Pin it to Win it

Pins are an anywhere accessory, but you want them to express your individuality in unique and interesting ways. On a bag, on a jacket, on a shirt, or wherever you want a wearable flash of flare, PINTRILL makes pins that stick out from the rest. In our chat about what drives their direction, we quickly got right to the point.

Does PINTRILL have a personality as a company?
We’re irreverent, self-aware, fun, and witty.

Sounds like fun is important to you.
Yes, it definitely is important to have fun! We think that having fun is an important part of a business because it of course makes work seem like it isn’t work. When you love what you do and are having fun doing it, you are more creative, ideas flow better, and you feel inspired.

What’s a “Fun Fact” about PINTRILL?
Because pins are so attainable and so diverse we’re literally able to sell something for everyone. There is at least one pin for every person, vintage or new.

So your customers can always find something to fit their style.
When a customer wears a pin they are expressing themselves and their uniqueness. Pins can serve so many purposes, whether it’s a way to add to your look, or remind you of a moment or of someone.

Is there an underlying philosophy behind PINTRILL?
We create what we love and want to wear. We don’t put out any pins we wouldn’t wear ourselves — we don’t do anything just for the sake of doing it.

You have a real sense of purpose. Was that there from the beginning? How did PINTRILL get its start?
Our President and Co-Founder Jordan Roschwalb used to collect pins as a child, as most of us did — he used to pin them to jackets, backpacks, and made sure to collect a pin throughout his travels with his family. Jordan wanted to create an outlet for himself to be creative, and realized that there wasn’t a consumer facing brand owning the pin market. This is how PINTRILL was born, and the rest is history.

It’s history, but it has a bright future. Do you have any parting advice or words of wisdom for our followers?
You really need to look within and be comfortable with yourself. The next step to finding your voice is to be comfortable asking questions and getting other people’s opinions because it’s impossible to know everything. All of these things attribute to you and your brand having a defining voice.