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[KNOW] How Urbanears Headphones Help You Jam to Your Own Beat

Connected to color, form, and unifying the sound experience—Urbanears is a Scandinavian collective that makes modern minimalism and sensational sound accessible to audiophiles everywhere. We sat down to chat with them about their bumping brand, and found ourselves immediately grooving.

Our current Story has a lot to do with self-expression. What’s Urbanears’ personality?
Profoundly understanding. Our headphones are built with how they’re used, worn, why, and by whom, in mind. Urbanears makes headphones for everyone and anyone inclined to listen, letting your personality take the stage. Urbanears purposely employs minimal design and branding and introduces new colors every season to match your style or mood.

So your personality is more geared toward letting your customers express theirs.
We want our customers to express whatever they’d like, and give them the colors to do it. This season’s color ways are a time capsule of sticky bubblegum memories, teenage flirtation, and sand-in-hair beach life. Intensely flattering on the headphone and you, they’re designed to pop against sun-smooched skin and set your mood to play.

This season’s styles sound fun. What’s a “fun fact” about Urbanears?
Every style in the Urbanears family is named after a town in Sweden!

Is having fun important to you?
Always! Whether we’re introducing new headphones with pigeon poop bingo (you’ll have to look that one up yourself), or just posting about the weirdest ways to open a Christmas present, we do everything with a sense of humor!

I will definitely look that up! Any parting advice or words of wisdom for our followers?
Go outside! Don’t be afraid to wear your feelings.