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[KNOW] How Commando is Changing the Undergarment Game

Commando is the original “invisible” underwear brand, and their stuff knocked the pants off of us. Like wearing nothing at all (but better), Commando’s emoji-emblazoned styles are a seamless fit for Have Fun STORY. Check out our chat about putting underwear on the runway in a fun way!

What would you say is Commando’s personality?
Smart, chic, and cheeky.

Is that what your customers are connecting to?
Our customers are confident, and they aren’t afraid to wear their personality on their panties. They want to be comfortable and happy and feel good so that they can look good.

And you’re helping them accomplish that.
Commando creates garments that are not only beautiful, but fabulously functional. We believe that women should invest in their undergarments, because they can do wonders for how they look and feel in their clothes. We want women to love getting dressed in the morning!

Sounds like feeling good is important to Commando. What about having fun?
Absolutely! Commando is all about making women feel and look great in the clothes they wear so that they can have fun and put their best foot forward. It’s hard to have fun if your underwear are riding up or digging into you.

That is so true. Can you share a “fun fact” about Commando?
Commando is a celebrity and stylist favorite, and a NYFW must have! We are “fashion’s favorite” because stylists and designers trust us to make their styles look flawless, whether on the red carpet or the runway. Celebrities like Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and Gigi Hadid are all big fans of Commando, and we have worked closely with designers like Rodarte, Tracey Reese, Jason Wu, and MILLY on their New York Fashion Week shoes.

Those are some impressive credits. Where did this all start for Commando?
Commando is the brainchild of its designer and CEO, Kerry O’Brien. She started Commando in 2003, leaving her high-profile public relations position in Manhattan. Now a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America and a patent-holding inventor, Kerry is known for her innovative and fashion-informed designs. Obsessive about fit and on a constant search for the most luxurious fabrics, Commando styles are made from the best fabrics in the world and every garment is personally tested by Kerry.

Well all that work is paying off in a comfortable way. Do you have any parting words of wisdom or advice for our followers?
Wear only things that you LOVE.