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[KNOW] How BucketFeet is Stepping Up Artistic Footwear

Raaja Nemani & Aaron Firestein, the creators of BucketFeet, admit they’re polar opposites. Aaron is an artist who met Raaja, an investment banker, by chance in Buenos Aires. Raaja bought a pair of Aaron’s hand-painted shoes, and everywhere he went on his travels after, people asked him about their incredible look. This is how BucketFeet was born, and its founders gave us some insight into what their brand has become since that serendipitous moment.

Our current Story has a lot to do with personality and self-expression. What’s BucketFeet’s personality?
We’re raconteurs — intent on discovering the stories of people around the world and sharing them with you. We’re approachable, warm and engaging.

Is that something you think you share with your customers?
They, too, exist to make the world a brighter place.

A brighter world sounds fun. What’s a “fun fact” about BucketFeet?
There’s a story behind every shoe.

Speaking of stories, our current story is all about having fun. Is it important to have fun, from your perspective?
YES. Too often art, and the conversations it sparks, are terribly serious and sometimes even pretentious. While we want to bring light to issues and conversations that matter, we fully believe the world can’t be a brighter place without fun.

Is there an underlying philosophy behind your brand?
We realized when we met that art on shoes can start conversations to bring the world closer together.

I’m looking forward to those conversations starting in our store. Do you have any parting words of wisdom or advice for our followers?
Try to discover a new perspective, it’ll help you refine your own.