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Kiss and Make Up with a Beauty Guru's Picks

The cosmetics department is like a bar filled with bachelors: appealing in theory yet entirely overwhelming (and sometimes disappointing.) Since there’s no Tinder for lipstick and perfume, we enlisted our friend, beauty guru Sandi Burrows to aid in our matchmaking. A rep for some of the most exclusive beauty brands, Sandi is responsible for bringing what’s new and next in cosmetics to retailers like Barneys. As part of Love STORY she shared a few of her current crushes – from a looks-good-on-everyone lipstick to Brit-approved fragrances. Here’s what’s on her beauty short list:

Serge Lutens fragrances:
Envisioned as the anti-perfume, these unisex fragrances capture the essence of Parisian style: effortless, enigmatic, yet entirely distinct.

Beauty is Life lipstick:
The make up choice of professionals, this range of lipsticks is known for its vibrant colors and velvety texture.

T. Leclerk nail color:
A love of natural beauty is the foundation of this polish line, known for simple colors that create a chic finish.

Atkninsons 1799 cologne:
A classic British sensibility is captured in evocative scents – from the emblematic “24 Old Bond Street” to the rarified “Odd Fellow Bouquet.”