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In Conversation…
Katy Stoka of One Two Lash

A row of praise hands emojis wouldn’t even begin to express our excitement over One Two Lash, a genius new way to apply eyelashes. Founder Katy Stoka wanted to make wearing eyelashes as easy as putting on an accessory, so she magnetized them!

Beauty STORY has the exclusive on these makeup miracle workers, so we decided to ask Katy a few questions about how One Two Lash came to be! Stop by the store to try them for yourself, or come to our event TKTK!

How did you get into the beauty industry?
By inventing the magnetic lash! I was only a fan/consumer of the industry before.

Favorite subject in school?
Journalism! Asking questions! Love learning about people.


Magnetic lashes!? Wow, amazing! What gave you the idea?
If you have ever glued on falsies you know the answer—I wanted amazing lashes in seconds, at home, without the glue, mess, time… I had two small kids and a demanding career, I just wanted to put on eyelashes like I put on my earrings or a bracelet, effortless in two seconds.

And how did you make it happen?
It took two years and every bit of grit that I have, I ended up creating a prototype and then building a startup beauty company around the concept.

Any daily rituals?
So many!  Waking up to “thank you” being the first thought (it takes training but when it sinks in, amazing things happen in your life). Nespresso. Connecting with friends. Workout. Connecting with family (the normal side obvi). Creativity. Doing one thing that scares me or makes me uncomfortable every day—every damn day. Calling at least one One Two Lash customer on their cell to say hello and thank you. Wine with dinner.

Who inspires you?
Female badasses.

What’s a fun fact we can’t learn about you from Google?
That I am hilarious (?) and I listen to gangster rap on the way to take my kids to elementary school.

Any hidden talents?
Zero. I exploit all of them.

One beauty tool you couldn’t live without?
One Two Lash!  And lip gloss. And a brow comb. And deodorant.

What can we look forward to you making in the future?
More lash styles, more great beauty products that simplify “the process” for women.

One Two Lash in five words?
Making Beauty Effortless (our tagline)… Smile, Breathe (my other two suggestions for making life a little more effortless).