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Junk Food Is Life

Even health nuts understand that every now and then, a slice of greasy pizza is just what the doctor ordered. But for those who’d rather keep their junk food obsessions in their hearts and off their hips, STORY has a range of indulgent gifts that won’t break a diet but will certainly get mouths watering—even dogs’.

All-You-Can-Eat New York Master Map; $21

P.L.A.Y. Fries and Taco Plush Dog Toys; $14

Ohh Deer Discounting Calories Coaster; $4

Suck UK Edible Eyes; $8

Munchies Cookbook; $30

French Fries Junk Food Scented Lip Balm; $2

Candlelit Desserts Macaroni & Cheese and Hot Dog & Fries ($14) Soap Sets

Living Royal Pizza Crew Socks; $12