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Julie Rofman’s Artful Wearables

Dear Julie Rofman,

You were woven into our STORY in 2014, and ever since, we’ve been captivated by your intricate designs. When we first got to know eachother during Good STORY, we connected because we were all about brands that give back. And the way that you empower the female Guatemalan artisans who hand-weave every bracelet using traditional looms on their own hours, from their own homes, and for an ethical wage – that’s as brilliant as the glass beads you source from a family-owned Japanese company. The bracelets designed by your founder draw from her background  as a painter, displaying an exceptional talent for unifying pattern and palette. Detailed and versatile, each piece is equal parts fashion statement and work of art, which is enough of a reason to invite your goods Home for the Holidays. The fact that you do good for the people who craft it too? That clinches it – right around our wrists.