Point of view of a Magazine
Changes like a Gallery
Sells things like a Store

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Director of Marketing


Once upon a time, a store in Chelsea named STORY decided to act like a magazine and change its theme and merchandise every 4-8 weeks—creating an entirely different type of immersive retail experience. Fast forward seven years – STORY has become a model for the future of retail, pioneered a new retail media business model, and built a vibrant community of consumers and small businesses, all while partnering with Fortune 500 companies in totally new ways. Now, STORY is ready to take the success of its NYC location national by not just changing the paint on the car, but reinventing the engine. STORY’s immediate next chapter lives within select Macy’s doors— we are seeking amazing co-authors to help us write it!


Our Director of Marketing exists to manage our marketing and PR strategy, interfacing with internal Macy’s and external stakeholders. This role is unlike a typical marketing director role because it encompasses a broad scope covering digital marketing, print advertising, social, PR, and paid search. You will report within the Brand Experience team and get the rare opportunity to oversee a national launch and own the marketing execution across all channels. You’ll be challenged to work with the merchandising team to help them ensure their ideal receipt flow is met, MLO to devise a strategy for the DC’s to handle the product, and lastly create operational expectations and collaborate with your regional partners to ensure in store colleagues are efficiently moving the product to where it needs to go.  You’ll be part of a cross-functional team of expert colleagues working in new ways—more agile, more adaptive, and more human—so throw the old playbook away. A typical day for this role might include spending time with internal Macy’s partners to review assets for, negotiating with mall partners for marketing resources, meeting with our external branding consultants to review a creative campaign. In the end, it’s all about leveraging existing know how and use it to figure out new ways to accomplish things quickly. This role reports to the VP of STORYtelling.


  • Act as the main liaison between Macy’s marketing teams, external partners, and consultants to execute a marketing launch strategy, plan ongoing activations, and develop a playbook for future stories
  • Thoughtfully design marketing strategy and evolve content based on different customer segments informed by varying levels of engagement, demographics, and psychographics
  • Identify opportunities to AB test by monitoring engagement, return on marketing investment, and insights from social listening tools
  • Develop an influencer strategy to identify, recruit and help manage influencers and third party content creators
  • Be the guardian of how we amplify our message across the marketing ecosystem, ensuring consistent and clarity.
  • Manage a pipeline of organic, episodic, and planned content across channels leading to launch and throughout the life of a story


  • Vision and passion—to see the future of retail and want to create it
  • 5-6 of experience experience in content strategy and/or digital/social planning, with a proven ability to use content to drive business performance and brand equity
  • Domain expertise across multiple marketing channels, especially in digital marketing and traditional advertising, with an understanding of major platforms and their respective strengths and demographics
  • Experience working in an omni-channel environment, where engaging and consistent content are required for multiple distribution channels in a nonlinear consumer journey
  • Expertise working with third parties and external partners to execute content
  • Experience in designing AB tests to identifying meaningful, actionable insights from campaigns
  • Ability to navigate both the creative and analytical sides of marketing, tying strategies to concrete business outcomes/learnings
  • Entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to adapt quickly
  • Resilience, tenacity, high energy. Able to rapidly bounce back from adversity.
  • Deep empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Ability to inspire others to action through influence and advice
  • Cross-functional exposure and experience in past roles
  • Comfort operating in non-hierarchical cultures and navigating hierarchical ones


We love people with special sauce! Do you juggle, run marathons, plan secret dinner parties? Be sure to let us know!

STORY is a first-of-its-kind retail concept that changes like a gallery, takes the point of view of a magazine, and sells things like a store. Our mission is to create accessible discovery at the intersection of community and small business.

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