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Jessica Walsh + Tim Goodman Talk Love After 40 Days

Weren’t completely satisfied with the ending of social experiment gone viral, 40 Days of Dating? Whelp…we’re getting its creators Jessica Walsh and Tim Goodman back together (sort of.) Need a refresher course? Two friends and NYC designers with opposite relationship problems decide to date each other for 40 days and blog about the experience as a lens to examine modern love – from the first dates to the friend-zone.

Inspired by the dialogue they started and broadcast online, we’re continuing it offline and inviting them to take your questions about what it means to date, like, and fall in love now. Want to know how the experience has changed them? Curious as to their take on romance now? Love their individual approach to design? Join us…or Tweet your questions and we’ll ask them for you!

Jessica Walsh and Tim Goodman are at STORY Wednesday, March 5; RSVP to [email protected]