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Jeremy Scott: From Runway to #RememberWhenSTORY

Jeremy Scott is a designer who doesn’t shy away from transgression. Taking trademarks, logos, and other culturally recognized iconography and subverting it with a self-awareness and humor, his work has made quite a splash within the (often irreverent) fashion world over the years.

But how better to merge iconography and playful irreverence than putting Ren & Stimpy – arguably television’s most misunderstood and cringe-inducing animated characters – on the Moschino runway?

As part of our celebration of Nickelodeon Animation’s 25th anniversary and New York Fashion Week, #RememberWhenSTORY’s BESTIES: Slapstick Together section showcases the freaky friendship of Ren & Stimpy with Scott’s head-turning collection as its centerpiece. Gracing (gracelessly, as only this gruesome twosome can) everything from cowgirl boots to leather jackets to crop sweaters and more, it’s rad to see how Ren & Stimpy became a throwback muse for one of fashion’s most buzzed-about designers.

They’ve bounced around from the nut house, to space. But now we have Jeremy Scott to thank for introducing them to STORY.

Don’t be an eeediot: Try the collection on for crazy-eyes size at #RememberWhenSTORY!