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It’s the Final Weekend of #DisruptSTORY!

For the past seven weeks, we’ve been sticking it to the status quo. Teaming up with USA’s Mr. Robot, one of the most game-changing dramas on television, we created an experience that was hackable, informative, playable, and challenging to every expectation.

From arcade games both retro and state-of-the-art, to innovative merchandise that disrupted industry standards everywhere, to exclusive collaborations and interactions that made the world of Mr. Robot come alive – #DisruptSTORY has been as rebellious and productive as the disruptors that inspired it.

We hosted a coding class for kids, hacked the mind with Moran Cerf, discussed Civil Disobedience with Edward Snowden, talked to the talented cast of Mr. Robot, and more – but now it’s time to reboot.

Here are three reasons for you to get the #DisruptSTORY download before we go dark:

You’re a life-hacker on the cutting edge of fashion, fun, and tech.

You’ve got some serious (video) game.

  • Urania Gazelli made high-scoring clutches that re-contextualize the digital as undeniable.
  • The store is stacked with classic arcade games for no-quarters-required playtime.
  • The Polycade lets you press continue on Atari staples and new developments alike.

You can’t get enough Mr. Robot!

  • JackThreads collaborated on an exclusive replica of Mr. Robot’s immediately recognizable jacket.
  • Carly Chaikin (who plays Darlene) is not just an actress, she’s and artist, and she lent her original watercolor of the fsociety mask to backpacks, tees, and pouches.
  • Pins, patches, hats, Tattly tatts,  and so much more empower you to wear your vigilante hacker fandom.
  • The Perch Interactive desk, Social Vending Machine, and E Corp ATM put the hacking in your hands.

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