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Is Giving Really The Secret to Getting Ahead?

The dominant view of success is one that is often cast in opposition to altruism. The tacit understanding: to get ahead, you can’t be concerned for the personal or professional welfare of others. But how to account for individuals who had achieved their goals by giving more then they received ? Bucking conventional wisdom, Adam Grant argues in his latest book “Give and Take” that success depends heavily on how we approach interactions with other people and uses research to argue for an alternative pathway to achievement – one that’s rooted in giving.

Disruptive and timely, Grant – Wharton’s highest rated professor – draws on more than a decade of study at organizations ranging from Google to the US Air Force to explore the underlying behavioral choices of successful individuals – both givers and takers. Monday May 19, he joins us to share his findings and tell a few good success stories – from the oval office to the boardroom.

Whether you’re a giver or tend towards the competitive taker, it’s a night that will fundamentally change how you think about success and offer an opportunity to take a bit of knowledge from the writer Malcolm Gladwell called “one of my academic heroes.”

Monday May 19, 6:30-8pm RSVP to