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Insider Inspiration: Jaime Derringer

Design Milk founder and editor Jaime Derringer is an expert in spotting trends and getting to the “art” of the issue, here the insider (and a guest curator of Art STORY) shares who she’d like to paint her portrait and where she goes to experience art in New York.

Location: New Jersey (born and raised,) ultimate destination: San Diego

Occupation: Blogger, do-er of all things internet, orchestrator of awesome

Who would you like to make your portrait: Picasso

Where is your favorite place to experience art in NYC: MoMA

What is the work of art you would most like to own? This is a hard question. On the one hand, I want Guernica or The Scream or maybe something by Dali, Twombly or Lichtenstein’s Ball of Twine, which is part of one of my collections. On the other hand, I want to collect art from emerging artists like Jennifer SanchezMichelle ArmasFederico Saenz-Recio, and Dana Oldfather.

What is one fact about you that we couldn’t find out via Google? I’m actually a very normal person leading a very mundane suburban life! I work a lot and spend all my free time with my family. I live near an Olive Garden.  My life isn’t full of design shows, art exhibits and I’m not a jet-setter making my way around the world. There’s a Jaime in a parallel world doing all of that so that I don’t have to.

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