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[INSIDE STORY] This Founder Created the Ultimate iPhone Accessory

It’s easy to understand why photographers have embraced the smartphone. Simply put, it gives you the power to snap and share everything – from the mundane to the most inspiring. Taking things to the next level is iZZi Gadgets’ founder Jayzon Guzman, whose innovative, interchangeable case and camera lens solutions let you shoot with an advanced lens and take incredible, high-quality photos every time. A required upgrade for the aspirant Ansel Adams, here Jayson shares some of his favorite Instagram accounts and the fact you’d never guess about his brand. 

What are a few of your favorite NYC accounts to follow on Instagram? @stevesweatpants@kat_in_nyc @visual.architects 

What does “start now” mean to you + iZZi Gadgets? “Start now” means taking the bull by the horns and wasting no time! The time is “now” to get started! Time is valuable!


What’s the last thing you took a photo of? My son eating a salad at lunch! #ProudDad
What’s the last photo you saw on Instagram that inspired you? It’s titled “A Vision of the Future

What are three tips an amateur iPhone photographer? Just have fun! Adventure with good friends! Lighting is key!

What’s one thing most people probably wouldn’t know about iZZi Gadgets but should? That I got the name iZZi from a cartoon character on the Disney Show Jake and the Neverland pirates. One of my son’s favorite shows!