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[INSIDE STORY] NYC Artist Kate Neckel on Why You Should Start Now!

Kate Neckel illustrates what happens when you #FollowYourArt. An artist since she and a set of markers discovered a pair of pink Converse, Kate has gone on to create drawings for books, billboards, magazines, and even beehives. Her latest art project, Start Now! The Creativity Journal is designed to inspire you to unleash your inner artist through a series of hand-illustrated prompts. On Wednesday August 12th Kate joins us to celebrate the book and the story behind it.

What’s one thing the Internet doesn’t know about you? I’ve been told I’m not a very good driver…

What would the title of your autobiography be? Kate, That’s Not Appropriate

What’s your favorite travel destination? Paia on the North Shore of Maui

What album or song would you consider your personal soundtrack to NYC? The Strokes:Is This It holds a tight place in my heart. It was just after 9/11…that album was played everywhere and offered up a bit of an escape during a tumultuous time.

What items can be found on you at all times? Nars Red Lizard lipstick, iPhone, Micron Pigma pens

To what are you addicted? NYC

What did you Google last? “Rough Trade NYC”…Honduras/Sunflower Bean had a show but I didn’t make it…

What’s the last thing you took a photo of? Tom and the kids eating lunch on our roof…

If you were going to win an award tomorrow for anything, what would it be and what would you like written on the trophy? Ha…I somehow always manage to arrive early to the party…attendance award!

Favorite midnight/all-day snack? Spelt toast with butter and a cup of black coffee

If you had 24-hours in NYC, where’s the first place you would go? Coffee first…Cafe Grumpy

Who’s your fantasy dinner party guest, and where would you dine? Patti Smith at Contra.

When’s the last time you were inspired – by what? Noa Deane surfing in the film Cluster.

With what character fictional or not, do you most identify and why? Woodstock…the little yellow bird from Snoopy. What he lacks in stature and skill, he makes up in resourcefulness, reliability and humor.