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Changes like a Gallery
Sells things like a Store

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[INSIDE STORY] Mitford the Giraffe on his Wild Ride to the Top

Mitford the giraffe arrived in New York with a singular ambition: work at the legendary Cover Magazine. During the dry season he says, he’d immerse himself in its glossy world, feeling it fed him more than the leaves in the acacia trees. Few knew how he’d survive in the urban jungle. He could barely fit into an elevator, let alone in with the likes of Zap Possum and Shark Jakobs. Yet, Mitford has proven everyone wrong. In his new, much anticipated autobiography, Mitford at the Fashion Zoo, he details the wild STORY of his ascent up the fashion food chain. Here he talks deep dark secrets and NYFW velvet ropes.

What’s one thing the Internet doesn’t know about you? I can text but I can’t talk 

What’s your favorite travel destination? NYFW tents

What items can be found on you at all times? My glasses (Warby Parker)

To what are you addicted? Cover magazine

What’s one thing you wish you knew before you started at Cover Magazine? That the toilet stalls are kinda low for a giraffe. Embarrassing

Favorite midnight/all-day snack? Lettuce

If you had 24-hours in NYC, where’s the first place you would go? Central Park Zoo cafe

Who’s your fantasy dinner party guests? Mick Jaguar, Jean Shrimpton and maybe Karl Lager Head Turtle

What party are you most looking forward to during NYFW? The STORY X Smashbox and Mitford launch party. Sniff sniff, kiss kiss.