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[INSIDE STORY] Insta-Meet our Collaborator Donald Robertson

Donald Robertson has too many titles to count. For starters, he’s a creative director and dad. He’s also the artist behind “Drawbertson,” the digital alter ego he launched onto Instagram in 2013 where his fame exploded into a following of over 100K. This exposure has lead to more titles, like fashion illustrator and now author! Here he gives us the inside STORY.

What would the title of your autobiography be? Be a warrior not a worrier

What’s your favorite travel destination? Home

What album or song would you consider your personal soundtrack to NYC? My teenagers playlists! They are epic.  Drue’s or  Miles’s because they share music. They should sell them they are so good

What items can be found on you at all times? A Rolex watch not set. (habit) and a L.L.Bean bag with keys tied to it. Biggest key chain in the world! ( empty bag)  never loose it. My phone and a charger plus a few credit cards and a medium size sharpie ( wetter the better).

To what are you addicted? All the bad stuff but I have excellent  self control. Most of the time.

What did you Google last? Vanity Fair. To see if my interview was out yet Sept!

What’s the last thing you took a photo of? My Kids in front of my art definitely!

If you were going to win an award tomorrow for anything, what would it be and what would you like written on the trophy? Hm..The Guy who enjoyed himself the Most award. ” FUN is a life Goal and you scored.  Something like that…

Favorite midnight/all-day snack? Coffee day/wine night

If you had 24-hours in NYC, where’s the first place you would go? I’d start at the Seagrams building staring at that Jeff Koons playdoh sculpture then I would walk over  and say goodbye to FAO Swartz then I’d go to the Viand and have lunch  at the bar . I would go buy a charger at the glass box Apple Store on Fifth )open 24h FYI) Then take the subway down to Blick art supplies on Bond street.  From there walk over to Sant Ambroeus in Soho for drinks with friends and strangers. Then I would go over to Canal Street plastics and buy stuff for art projects  ! Then I’d go make art somewhere for 12 other hours.

Who’s your fantasy dinner party guest, and where would you dine? Wes Anderson at Swifties can my wife come? Kids?

When’s the last time you were inspired – by what? I’m very inspired by Los Angeles these days. Especially all the old store signs. The really old big concept ones that still exist. Any could sit in the Whitney as true art.  Love driving around finding them.

With what character fictional or not, do you most identify + why? Walt Disney- everything about him. Giant kid til the very end.