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[INSIDE STORY] Meet Instagram’s Resident Fashion Punk Angelica Hicks

The fashion industry can take itself pretty seriously. Enter London-based artist Angelica Hicks whose satirical takes on all things sartorial illustrate the lighter side of all things high fashion – from labels to luxury IT bags. Ironically, Instagram is where the self-described fashion punk found her voice and an audience for her visual puns. Here she shares secret facts and fantasy titles for her autobiography…

What’s one thing the Internet doesn’t know about you?
Because i spend so much time looking up different brands as reference points for my illustrations but never actually shop online, the internet thinks it knows what i am interested in, but is actually completely mistaken. Take that, targeted advertising!

What would the title of your autobiography be?
No need to hypothesize! I wrote my first autobiography when I was 10 and the title was ‘All About Me’
What album or song would you consider your personal soundtrack to NYC?
Gangstarr – Ex girl to next girl
What items can be found on you at all times?
Headphones and drawing supplies.
To what are you addicted?
an Australian TV show called ‘Puberty Blues’
What did you Google last?
“Someone drooling”
What’s the last thing you took a photo of?
My phone is clogged with screenshots, but the last real moment i captured was of a used diaper that somehow got attached to the wheel of my friend’s trolley at IKEA over the weekend.
If you were going to win an award tomorrow for anything, what would it be and what would you like written on the trophy?
I have always wanted to make it in to the Guinness Book of World Records. The idea of holding a record seems more impressive than winning an award. For some reason i was always most drawn to ‘The Most Spoons Balanced on the Face’ record. I thought it looked so easy