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The Ingredients: Totes Magotes

Plastic bags are out—really guys, stop using them!—and reusable is in, which is way more fun anyway thanks to a range of styles, fabrics and patterns from which you can choose to suit your vibe. You know what else is great? They can easily support a lot of heavy produce. That’s why we’ve stocked four of favorite brands at Fresh STORY, because if you love a farmer’s market, these are totes magotes awesome!



The OG of reusable shopping bags, Baggu designs are made from ripstop nylon so they won’t break down even if you’re harsh on them. Best of all, if you’re carrying crushable items like grapes, raspberries or cherries, they’ll be back to new after a round in the washing machine!


Minor History

Minor History’s minimalist leather totes are stylish enough for the office but large enough for a post-work stop at the grocery. And if you pick up finicky items like bananas, the breathable leather will keep them from browning during the commute home so you can feel free to go a little ape in the fruit aisle.



Baby could have carried a watermelon and wooed Johnny with some dirty dancing all at the same time if only she’d had Everybody.World’s massive yellow tote. It’s actually big enough to hold two! And being made in LA from heavy bull denim, it will undoubtedly hold up to the task.



As durable as they are benevolent, Junes bags are hand-stitched—complete with an interior pocket—in El Paso, Texas, by the Centro Santa Catalina women’s sewing cooperative and a portion of proceeds benefits the Global Fund for Women. When life hands you lemons…grab a Junes!