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The Ingredients…Outdoors Indoors

Aaah, summer—that magical time of year when you become one with all things nature. But the sweet smell of cut grass and fragrant heirloom flowers doesn’t have to end when the sun fades; there are plenty of ways to bring the outdoors inside all year long. Find a few of our favorites below and in now at Fresh STORY!


Simply Curated Soy Candle

Made in Michigan, Simply Curated’s hand-poured soy candles draw on the Midwest’s bounty of beautiful summer scents. Keep the season going all year long with the invigorating aroma of blue basil and lemon zest (No. 02) or juniper berries and fresh air (No. 04). Take that, doldrums!


Packet PVD Seed Kit

Zucchini in the winter?! Yes indeed, thanks to Packet PVD. Their heirloom seed kits are a foolproof way to grow produce indoors during colder climes, even if you lack a green thumb no matter the month. Stick their wooden crate in your windowsill and voilà—you’ve got veggies for days.


Urban Agriculture Grow Kits

For sunflowers, it’s all in the name. To fill your home with summer’s number one bloom when the temps turn chilly, all you need is a consistent source of UV rays and one of Urban Agriculture’s premium grow kits. Contained in 100% recycled tea bags, they’re as good for the environment as they are for lifting your mood!


Deckopedia Raw Food Deck

What to do with all the veg you’ve successfully grown indoors? Look to Deckopedia’s Raw Food Beginner’s Deck, written by French chef and health coach Emilie McBride. Packed with time-saving tips and easy-to-make recipes for an array of holistic meals, you’ll be radiating from the inside out even on the grayest of days.