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The Ingredients…A Kickin’ Kitchen

So you’ve ordered a surplus of produce from and spent the evening preparing an Instagram-worthy meal…make sure you’re also ready to serve it in style with design-minded kitchen wares. Find a few of our favorites below, available online and in now at Fresh STORY!


Finell’s SOD Drying Rack

Doing the dishes has never been so fun thanks to Rebecca Finell’s SOD drying rack. The grass-like design is super slim but with enough room to hold a dinner party’s worth of plates—and chances are you won’t have to do them.


Menu’s Bottle Grinders and Norm Wire Bowl

Menu’s tabletop wares are the stuff of Scandinavian dreams: the bottle grinders turn shakers on their head (literally, the grinder is at the top to reduce mess) while the wire bowls give fresh produce a graphic minimalist twist.


Candy Relics’ Rubber Paper Cups

Candy Relics’ technicolor cups are dipped in rubber for double the pleasure, double the functionality. Thanks to 11 options, you can mix up the hues so you always know which cup is yours.


SIN Paper Plates

If you crave the good old days but care about the future, pick up Virginia Sin’s porcelain paper plates. Modeled in Brooklyn after the old-school classic, this updated design is a nod to nostalgia while eliminating waste.


Marimekko Kitchen + Dining Goods

Give mundane kitchen wares a sartorial spin with everyone’s favorite Finnish textile house. Marimekko’s striking designs will have you feeling ultra stylish even when you’re just chopping broccoli.


Tina Frey’s Resin Collection

Handmade in her San Francisco studio, Tina Frey’s smokin’ hot resin collection is inspired by the colors of “translucent popsicles and scrumptious jelly beans”but are a beautiful way to serve up a healthy salad should you get the munchies.