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The Ingredients…Just Desserts

From the fun to functional, we have more than a few good reasons why you should break your bikini-ready diet this summer—starting with Halo Top ice cream from! Come in and check out our favorite dessert-inspired items at Fresh STORY. 


Midnight Scoop

What do an aerospace engineer and ice cream have in common? Michael Chou, the mastermind behind the invention Midnight Scoop. His design allows you to easily palm the curved handle and effortlessly push into the ice cream. Genius!


Living Royal Banana Split Socks

We can all scream for Living Royal’s unisex ankle socks printed with a mouthwatering banana split sundae. The celeb-loved brand keeps temptation at your feet while giving you a tasty reason to sport socks and sandals this summer.


Candlelit Desserts

If the real deal is just too much of a good thing, try the delectable sweetness of Candlelit Desserts. These handmade candles not only replicate desserts in appearance, but in aroma too. Because who doesn’t want their house to smell of a just-baked blueberry pie! 


Cookut Whipped Cream Maker

An entire jar full of freshly made whipped cream? Uh, yes please! French cookware brand Cookut deliver the deliciousness in just one minute with their simple design—all you have to do is load it up with cream and sugar, add the silicone balls and shake.