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The Ingredients…Healing Green

For Kermit the Frog being green wasn’t easy, but we humans can’t get enough! The refreshing hue has so much healing power leafy greens are put in everything, including skincare products. Make the most of their miracle properties and come get Miss Piggy with three of our favorite nutrient-rich formulas, as well as a beneficial cucumber candle, in now at Fresh STORY.


Youth To the People Age Prevention Cleanser

If you’re searching for the fountain of youth, you can stop here. This age-prevention cleanser is a wellspring of juvenescence. Packed with leafy green spinach and kale (because Sweetgreen can only do so much) this magical formula will give your skin some serious luminosity.


Jonathan Adler Cucumber Pop Candle

Cucumbers aren’t just for spa water and puffy eyes. The hydrating fruit also gives out what’s thought to be a beneficial scent: doctors have shown that stress-reducing cukes can help with claustrophobia—which makes this Jonathan Adler candle perfect for your New York-sized apartment!


elizabethW Rosemary Fizzy Bath Cubes

Rosemary sounds so flowery and innocent but don’t be fooled, this woody perennial is one hell of an herb! It’s an all-natural pain reliever, mood elevator, anxiety reducer, memory booster and anti-inflammatory powerhouse. Soak up all its therapeutic effects with elizabethW’s fizzy bath cubes.


Stewart & Claire Spring Lip Balm

About to tackle the tasting menu at NYC’s latest hotspot? Line your mouth with a liberal amount of Stewart & Claire’s earthy Spring lip balm first; in addition to beeswax, hemp and apricot oils, this blend contains the organic essence of tarragon, an herb known to help with digestion.