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The Ingredients: Eat Your F-ing Veggies

No dinner table phrase is more ubiquitous than that of a mother’s command to “eat your veggies!” But kids these days don’t know how great they have it; canned peas are over. Instead there’s infinite ways to cook—and at times, apply—vegetables in order to make the most of their raw power. From face masks to fresh peppers, here are a few of our favorites.


On Vegetables by chef Jeremy Fox

The long-awaited first book from renowned “vegetable whisperer” Jeremy Fox packs in 160 recipes and a whole bunch of culinary tips, along with a little bonus reading material—Fox’s epic saga as one of the world’s top chefs. And you thought veggies were boring!


Local Foods Wheel

Designed by three creative women on a mission to connect eaters with a sense of time and place, Local Food Wheels show you what’s ripe near you. Because however you spin it, the farmers are right: eating locally and with the seasons is the best way to consume food.


Eat It Plates

Say it loud and say it proud with Said The King’s ceramic dinner plates, which put the message of healthy eating on full blast. These food-safe dishes are designed by the badass Toronto-based copywriter Karen King, and serve as a playful starter for bold conversation.


I’m Real Broccoli Sheet Masks

How did the Jolly Green Giant get so tall? The miracle of broccoli. This powerful veggie is known to renew skin and give it a bright boost thanks to broccoli’s high concentration of vitamin A and omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. The vitality is real, just ask JGG!


Fresh Peppers from

It was just a few weeks ago today, we brought in to play. They’ve been delivering produce for awhile, shipping fresh veggies that’ll raise a smile. So may we introduce to you, a spicy plant you’ve known for years…’s range of peppers on hand! (Cue the trumpets!)